About the Table..

This small table has an obvious Japanese influence.  The top floats above the legs and the legs face out 45 degrees with respect to the front and sides.  Finally, the carved detail in the dark legs is outlined in a contrasting light wood.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this table are the front and back panels .  These are "mini" quilts done by fabulous fabric artist Olena Nebuchadnezzer. The panels look quite different; the birds are different but the scenes are actually quite related.  Look closely or zoom in on panels to see the magnificent detail.  Note the same branch in each panel that starts in the upper left corner; crosses to the top right and ends in the middle of the panel. In spring (front panel) there is a blossom at the end of the branch; in fall (back panel), the blossom has fallen and the seed pod is revealed! 

Walnut, oak, shellac finsh, "mini" quilts