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Hanging Tables


Each of these 4 Hanging Tables has folding legs. Each table has a dark background of walnut veneer and a lighter figure of tamo ash veneer. The legs and frame are of solid walnut.   The graphic shows three (folded) tables on a wall and one (unfolded) down. The overall image across tables changes with any change in table rotation, order, or configuration yielding well over 100,000 design possibilities!

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VIDEO shows the versatility of the tables. 

BLOG provides more information.

ARTICLE: An off-the-wall idea for making more space. Woodshop News 

Visible Works


There is a touch of elegance (beautiful woods-olive ash burl, walnut. and curly maple) in this whimsical piece.  But it is the mechanism that is featured.  Working wooden gears reside on the top of the cabinet as does the controller and leather belt drive tensioned by a wooden screw.

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Angela's Table


This small walnut and oak table features two quilted panels by celebrated fabric artist Olena Nebuchadnezzar.

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